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Scuba – NE1BUTU (Official Music Video)

NE1BUTU from the album, Personality – click here to buy: www.surus.co.uk Connect with Scuba on Facebook... 

Going to Waikiki in september. Want to 1) scuba dive, See the USS Arizona, lie on the beach, and also see a r?

This is our first time visiting Hawaii, and i want to make the most of it.  Read More →

Should Sharks in areas frequented by scuba divers be eradicated to protect the safety of the divers?

 Read More →

I want to make a career out of scuba diving?

I really love diving and badly want a career in this field, I’m 19 years old and as my A levels have revealed... 

Would you rather scuba dive in the depths of the ocean or travel to space?

Ever since I was little space exploration has fascinated me, so space  Read More →

Where can a 5 yr. old(accompanied w/ adult) go scuba diving at Hunting Beach, CA?

We are going on vacation next month and are wondering where there is a relatively inexpensive place to go scuba... 

If you get a new PADI SCUBA rating, do you get a new PADI ID card?

I am a basic open water diver, but my picture is way outdated. If I take the advanced diver course, and some other... 

A scuba diver with a lung capacity of 5.1 L inhales a lungful of air at a depth of 48m?

and a pressure of 5.8 atm.If the diver were to ascend to the surface (where the pressure is 1.0 atm) while holding... 

should i get a prescription scuba mask?

I’ll probably be taking a scuba diving class at college next semester. I’m debating if I should get... 

were is the closest place that i can get a scuba tank filled?

i live in elk city oklahoma and i was thinking about switching my paintball gun to a hpa tank and fill it with... 

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