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Jenny Scordamaglia – Scuba Certification Day 3- Aquatic Ops

Jenny Scordamaglia – Scuba Certification Day 3 – Aquatic Ops – Direccion Enrique Benzoni For diving certificate or one time dive or snorkel contact: Miami Dade: 786-312-4421 Broward & Palm Beach: 954-937-5387 aquaticopsdiving@gmail.com

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25 Responses to “Jenny Scordamaglia – Scuba Certification Day 3- Aquatic Ops”
  1. alawe979 says:

    if i were a shark I will swim around and safe? her from men

  2. sergemaster180686stm says:

    she’s got a cameltoe?

  3. Michael Albach says:

    she dam hot for sure? !

  4. MrPatricklcn says:

    Jenny has got perfect figure to flaunt in da thong bikini!!!!!?

  5. pindafef says:

    fuck the imagination , a burka leaves all for imagination , I don’t like? it

  6. greymooose1000 says:

    fine by me, I don’t? have one

  7. sreymind says:

    The bikini doesn’t leave much to the imagination?

  8. gasperoutdoors says:

    I became VERY alert? at 4:17

  9. Nicool2010 says:

    What is? the music on the background?

  10. STARMASTER456 says:



    Yep,? She Purrty

  12. sondengehen says:

    She do not? wear fins for open water! Only for pool :-)

  13. jairsar says:


  14. alexaldrich11 says:


  15. glyn1812 says:

    She does have fins? on – blue ones
    which video were you watching? LOL

  16. robbr112 says:

    hot? body

  17. sondengehen says:

    Why does she wears fins for the pool? and not fins for the open water?

  18. TheKingOnurr says:

    7:47 ?

  19. NL reeftank says:


  20. NL reeftank says:

    damn shes hot?

  21. asadeno2006 says:


  22. Pigmasker says:

    she’s? about 30 or 40

  23. Pigmasker says:

    who cares? she’s hot…?

  24. crazyhighheels says:

    more underwater ?

  25. FULLNOISET908 says:

    would give my left nut to be able to fuck this hot? woman she is beautiful!

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